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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thing #23 - The End

1. My favorite exercise on this Library2Play was learning about the wonders of Goggle. I had no idea it offered all of the options that it did!

2. This program has made a difference in my lifelong learning experience. I realize how Blogs have become an important part of today's life. It is just going to take additional time to enjoy using them.

3. I enjoy creating neat neat stuff using the online generators.

4. For me, it would be easier if the steps were bulleted or numbered so they could be followed more easily. It has been very frustrating trying to put a podcast online and I still don't understand! I am having problems going back and trying to figure out what I need to do next.

5. Yes, I would choose to participate in future programs like this.

6. Reading instructions CAREFULLY will help you be successful! (We need to practice what we preach when we tell our students to read the directions!)

7. I have enjoyed looking and commenting on other Blogs.


Melle said...

Good job Schaper! Now it is time to rest before school starts.

VWB said...

Congratulations on your perserverance and stick-to-it-ness! hope you will keep us informed how you share some of this with your kids.

Scylla said...

Congrats, Kristy. I have a ways to go before I rest...I'm doing my five blog comments on Thing #12! I'm curious to know if your Flickr picture is La Tour Eiffel from the bottom?

My blog is "Ask Scylla" and I am one of your fellow chapter DKG'ers!

Kristy Schaper said...

Dear Scylla,

Yeah! You are correct, the Flickr picture is teh Eiffel Tower looking straight up! I LOVE this picture!

I have learned a lot about blogging and I hope you will as well! It feels great to be done!

Grendel said...

Congratulations! We should have a party!!