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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thing #15 - Web 2.0, etc

These articles were very interesting to me regarding the future of libraries and I am going to make my husband read them as well. SBISD is in such an exciting time with having the opportunity to take advantage of deisgning libraries at 12 of the elementary schools that are being built.

The video addresses college students, however the issues are important for kids of all ages including elementary kids. Hopefully the concerns outlined in the articles will be addressed and will help in designing the new libraries. Recently TEA published recommendations on the amount of books that should be in the library for elementary, middle and high school levels. TEA also gave recommendtions on the amount of computers needed. I feel SBISD should increase the total number of computers in the libraries and make sure they have an area where there is enough seating for students, teachers and parents to view presentations.