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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thing # 16 - Learn About Wikis

This WIKI business is fascinating! I understand the concept, made a comment on the SBISD library WIKI site and know that I will have my students use this in school next year.

This will be an excellent tool for students competing in Business Professionals of America on team projects. Since it is so hard for them to meet after school due to crazy schedules, they can work on WIKI to get their basic ideas formulated, a rough draft completed and work on a final product. I can't wait to see how it works out!

Also, I think that a SBISD WIKI on technology should be created. How many times have you had a question regarding your computer, printer or projection device and needed to know how to solve a problem asap and no one pesonally answers the GEEK phone? If there was a SBISD Technolgy WIKI site, we could ask someone if they hadthe same problem and did they have a solution. Just a thought . . . .

Please note, I think our GEEK squad is AWESOME, just understaffed and overworked

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Grendel said...

Yes, we love our GEEKs! I think your technology wiki deserves thought. I am trying to remember if there currently is one? Will have to check.