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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thing # 8 - RSS

Rich College Student: Emergency Fund 101
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  • Once I figured out how to make websites public and how to share them, I really feel that Google Reader will be very useful. After I learned the concept, setting up was very easy!
  • The RSS was very interesting and it will be a great use for my Financial Management class. I just hope that SBISD firewall will not block some of the websites. The students can keep up to date on specific stock prices that they are tracking.
  • I think this will be an excellent use for the library. The students will be able to keep updated on current issues for several classes and also an excellent way to do research online. This could be a way for teachers using the computers in the library to control the websites that are to be used.


Grendel said...

Good uses for RSS! If you need a website unblocked so that you can teach, do send in that message. It is too disheartening to find great sites that are not available to your students. Every time I have asked, the person in charge unblocked it for me. It did take a day or more, though, so now I try to check well ahead of time. Maybe others out there have had similar experiences?

Grendel said...

I couldn't bring up the website at school so I would have to ask for it to be unblocked. (greenpanda)

Grendel said...

The two credit card articles came up with no difficulty at school, so you know that these two will work!

Hebrews 13:2 said...

How are you doing?...Wow, your "Blog" is great!...Thank you for reading my blog...Your comments were very positive and encouraging...You're ahead of me by 4 "Things"...This has become a full-time time for me this summer...Thank goodness, I painted the inside of our home before I got started on the "23 Things"...Your profile made me curious...You said that your husband was starting a new job...What will he be doing?...As you can probably guess, I'm no longer on the inside circle...I'm just a little old retired principal who is now teaching Texas History at SOMS...It sounded like you're getting your Master's in Administration...Is that a correct assumption?...I'm looking forward to hearing from you again...All the best to you and your family.

Kristy Schaper said...

Dear Hebrews 13:2

So nice to hear from you as well! Wayne is now Director of Academies and Transitions. SBISD is trying to start Academies in schools and he is also working with all of the new elementary schools being built with the bond money. So far he is enjoying his new responsibilities and learning a lot.

At this time, I am not getting my Masters in Administration. I can barely keep my head above water!