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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thing #2

Today I went through Module 2 and viewed the PowerPoint on 7 1/2 habits. I did fill out my contract and my goal was to complete this module this summer. I plan on finishing this by August 1, 2008. I hope this is not unrealistic!

In regards the to 7.5 habits, I would have to say the hardest habit for me would be the last one -- #7.5 Play. The reason for this is that I will not allow myselt to relax and enjoy life until EVERYTHING is done . . the closets to be cleaned out, the scrapbook to be finished, the files to be organized any my dad's estate is taken care of. Hopefully I will give myself permission to "play" and enjoy my summer with all of the pressing matters!

The easiest habit would be # 6 - Use technology to you advantage. I do enjoy working on the computer and not only know the quick way to do something. I also want to know the how and the why of doing something on the computer.

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Grendel said...

Good for you! You are off to a great start, and even though you have so many pressing concerns, I do hope you will have a little time to enjoy yourself before the new school year starts!